360° Imaging


Training, Simulation, Situational Awareness

More than just spherical imaging, our 360° viewer serves as a platform for a powerful suite of visually immersive applications ...

From spherical image acquisition to a complete application build, EAGLE 360 can fulfill all of your requirements. EAGLE 360 brings a real world experience into your application through high definition 360° optical imagery, for a truly immersive experience. [Gallery]


Enhanced Spherical imagery

Our EAGLE 360 viewer can be customized to include numerous features and enhancements that meet your application requirements. These features include:

  • GPS log synchronized with 360° video onto corresponding maps and floor plans;
  • Hyperlinked video, still images, text;
  • Imbedded 360° rotating object models;
  • Custom user interface and interactivity;
  • Integration with your learning management system, or IT environment.

Display Options

Using our custom EAGLE 360 viewer, the 360° imagery can be viewed on video screens, multi-projector arrays, or with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. Each of these systems can be equipped for Stereoscopic 3D or standard 2D viewing.


It All Starts with High Quality Image Capture...

Our 360° photos and videos are captured at resolutions well beyond Ultra High Definition even with high frame rates.

The result has to be downsampled to playback resolutions which ensures the sharpest image quality!

Our imaging capability offers both 2D and Stereoscopic 3D capture and playback through a wide range of display devices.

Please contact us to discuss how we can provide you with the power of EAGLE 360.