Digital Signage

Empire Media Group, Inc. brings a strong production management approach to your digital signage solutions. Beginning with your basic requirements, we will work with you to provide content and programming that delivers your message with effectiveness and impact.

We also provide a wide range of display technologies in any size for both indoor and outdoor locations. Whether you need a commercial grade display that will run 24/7, or a touch screen to support a complex interactive application; Empire Media Group, Inc. can deliver the hardware that will keep your digital signage platform running anytime, anywhere.

We provide a complete range of media services for digital signage applications featuring: Screen layout and content creation with digital graphic design, digital images, video, and more. Real time data integration such as news, weather, sports, Cable TV, and more. Our expert staff can originate content or adapt what you already have. We can work with material in virtually any format.

 Certified Partner

Scala Enterprise Digital Signage Software

Introducing Scala Enterprise, the next generation of the most widely deployed digital signage software platform in the world.  [PDF]

Scala Custom Training and Support Services

Starting with a base of more than 10 years of experience in developing Scala applications, Empire Media Group, creates a custom course outline to meet your precise training requirements.  [PDF]

Scala Advanced Services

Every organization has unique requirements when it comes to a Scala digital signage network. Empire Media offers advanced services to help your organization get the most out of your system.  [PDF]

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